New Book Release by Andersen Alumnus Ed Maier, Think Straight, Talk Straight

You have been reading Ed Maier’s (Partner – Chicago to Dallas to Orlando and back to Chicago) thoughts for several years as a contributor to our newsletter. Over that time, many of you have written and suggested he put these ideas in a book. Well, here you go! Ed appreciates your encouragement.

Think Straight, Talk Straight

In Think Straight. Talk Straight. Ed does not attempt to write a history of the firm nor does he try to posit his theory on what happened to the firm. Instead the book reflects many of the principles he learned in his career at Arthur Andersen – about being a good professional, a successful businessperson and a good person. As you read it, Ed hopes it will remind you of what you learned and how you grew in your own respective careers and lives—regardless of the length of your experience with Arthur Andersen.

Think Straight. Talk Straight is now available now at Amazon. We hope you will click and purchase the book, read it, enjoy it and benefit from it. And, if you do, please share it with others and even add your own thoughts about it to the Amazon review page to help promote it! If you would like to email Ed he can be reached